Marketing Strategy

My mission is to help organizations and changemakers create effective and meaningful strategies to reveal their full potential and maximize their impact in the world.

My clients have specific challenges and needs when it comes to marketing their activity or their project but my work approach and methodology to deliver concrete, tangible and positive outcomes is simple :

  • Start by collecting powerful insights (both quantitative and qualitative) and conceiving surveys and audience segmentations to define a clear, concise and cut-through marketing positioning.
  • Structure in a highly pragmatic and efficient way the overall marketing strategy by capitalizing on the brand, the market dynamics and the Unique Value Proposition to leverage the right growth tools.

You activity and your needs :

  • You are leading a project or a high-impact business concept.
  • You now want to better define your unique positioning and value proposition to increase your market share and to build brand affinity and loyalty from your target audiences and your stakeholders.
  • Expanding your market penetration rate and your reach is your priority and it is a must that your vision, mission and unique identity fuel all your marketing actions.
  • You are launching new services, projects or concepts and you plan to build a dedicated marketing strategy while keeping your initial brand essence and purpose.
  • You are looking to review your marketing approach to create stronger and more meaningful connections with your target audience groups.

These needs and challenges are key and require an experimented strategic partner who will work with specific tools and methodologies to generate positive outcomes. 

You are looking for :

  • A partner who can translate concepts, ideas and innovative services into simple, structured and powerful messages which will engage your target audiences and allow them to emotionally relate with your organization’s values and offering.
  • A partner who fully understands your challenges and who works with key insights to convey your unique value proposition and your messages to your target audience groups in a powerful way.
  • A partner who works with proven concepts and efficient planning tools to segment your target audiences, analyze their specific behaviours and their expectations to build the best targeting strategy to engage with them fully and lastingly.
  • A partner who works with a wide range of solutions and activation methods to ensure a consistent positive shift in your positioning and external perception in your industry.

If this resonates with you and what you are looking for, contact me to book a first briefing session to discuss your project.

Maïmouna worked with Kabakoo Academies on a long term project assignment on our positioning which also included Public Relations actions. She was able to fully adapt and immerse herself in our environment and she delivered work which was well above our expectations. Maïmouna did not hesitate to activate her network to obtain tangible positive results and over-deliver value for us. Moreover, her considerate personality and her flexibility were great assets for the whole team. As a result, we’ve decided to continue working with her on new projects this year.

Yanick Kemayou, Founder of Kabakoo Academies