MDW Consulting, a brand consultancy firm for innovative and high impact initiatives

When I created MDW Consulting, I decided to use my talents to work on projects and initiatives which are in line with my own values and which contribute, at their scale, to great positive impact and to change the world we live in.

My mission is to help visionaries, changemakers, transitioning organizations and NGO’s which lead unique and inspiring projects to develop and grow to build a fairer and more inclusive world for everyone.

I choose to work with clients who create services and concepts which are designed to be respectful of human life and natural resources, and also projects which promote better living conditions for everyone and the conservation of valuable heritage such as our environment, Cultures and Arts.

I choose to work on projects which I truly believe in and that resonate with my core values - projects and activities which aim to generate tangible added-value while improving people's and communities' quality of life.

My passion is for businesses with clear goals to develop sustainably around the world, including in emerging countries, where smart solutions are more than ever needed to face growing human, economic and social challenges.

And I take great pride in choosing projects I know that I will bring added-value to, by creating specific solutions and leveraging the right elements pragmatically and harmoniously to create expected results.

In essence, my mission is first and foremost to promote impact-driven brands and tell their stories with authenticity, uniqueness and the power to engage their audiences in a meaningful and lasting way.

And I do this by crafting communication frameworks which are perfectly in line with the unique essence of brands and by channeling powerful messages to their target audiences to continually connect and engage with them.

This is the mission and the purpose of MDW Consulting.

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