MDW Consulting, a passion for human connections, smart marketing and reasoned communications

More than ever, it has become crucial to develop, communicate and promote a business or a development project in an authentic, creative and smart way and this is all the more important for impact-driven projects.

This is what differentiates iconic sustainable brands that increase their reach, build strong audience communities and grow, with brands which tend to stagnate without any real foundations or recognition in their industries.

After more than 10 years working for advertising agencies on marketing, media and communications campaigns for large corporations in Europe and in Africa, I founded MDW Consulting in 2018 to work with major players who are looking to generate positive social and environmental impact with their businesses.

Working for changemakers and organizations with high-impact driven projects to address their communications and development needs is a real passion. I help them grow to their full potential and deliver the impact they want in the world. 

I also help them structure and shape their business, marketing and communications approaches with dedicated offers and tools which reveal their true purpose, their growth potential and the most relevant strategies to enhance their brands. Whether they are looking to target their clients, partners, institutions or influencers in their markets, I put my expertise and ethic of excellence at their service by crafting powerful strategies which enable them to grow sustainably and to strengthen their market positioning.

Throughout my career, I have worked on brand projects across the globe and I’ve always been eager to put my creativity and my empathy at the service of companies, organizations and associations to reveal their potential and to create meaningful connections with their audiences, while boosting their impact.

Driven by challenges of all kinds and having worked and lived in London, Paris, Dakar, Bamako and Nairobi, I am lucky to have travelled across all continents and these precious experiences have allowed me to be curious, open-minded and to cultivate a keen sensitivity for cultural specificities and human relationships.

Whether you are looking to build a new strategic approach in development, marketing or communications to generate a new momentum for your activity or to create a strategy for a brand new project, we can work together with bespoke offers to effectively reach all your goals.

If you are planning to develop, reveal and boost the growth of your business or project while promoting your services offering in an authentic way that is true to the essence of your activity,

If, to achieve this, you are looking to work with a globally-minded partner who is responsive, committed, highly professional and who can adapt to your challenges while keeping in mind your mission and the achievement of your objectives,

Then, you’ve come to the right place and I’ll be happy to chat with you to find out more about your project needs.

Get in touch to start a conversation on your objectives and to find out more about my work approach.

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